Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pillowcase tube style

While I was deciding what to do about the blank space on my AMH Birds of a Feather quilt I took on a small request for a family member.  To make two pillowcases each out of 3 fabric colors measuring 27", 9" and 3".  I used one of Missouri Star Quilt Company's tutorials with a few tweaks to make these cuties.

The tweaks were mostly due to the fact that the fabric given to me was flannel.  After retrimming the fabric with a rotary cutter I had 27", 9" and 2"

First I opened up then rolled up the 27" fabric and sewed on the folded 2" piece.  I did this to avoid the bulky slide of 5 layers of fabric.  This way the folded 2" fabric stayed put showing a nice straight width of the decorative stripe.  

Then I wrapped the 9" fabric piece around the previously stitched piece and sewed the seam (DO NOT SEW THE ENDS)

Once it is sewn pull all the fabric out of the tube giving you a piece that is approximately 31" x 43"

Fold it in half right sides together and sew or serge down the side and along the bottom.  This will complete the perfect pillowcase.

Although I always clean my machine then I finish a project I found it necessary to clean it out between pillowcase 1 & 2 due to the flannel lint.

Doing the projects above while all of you fantastic ladies posted suggestions about the way to finish the AMH quilt worked out perfectly.  I loved the idea if the horizontal lines, adding something like birds or words and when one suggested the lines mimic the wind I knew what to do.  

I went with horizontal wavy lines inserting a few individual fallen leaves randomly.  I love it ladies thank you, I may be using some of the other suggestions in a future quilt!

Ta-done just in time for my MQG meeting, yay!
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

AMH Birds of a Feather

For me it seems like this one took a long time, they are part of a block swap with the girls at WNY MQG starting back in September 2013.  It is almost done and maybe you can help me decide something

Let me start with what was added since the last post of this project.  I hope it is not TOO noticable I placed a tree under the white fabric to complete the vision I had before it all began.

I changed the quilting for each area, the bottom are waves of grass, moving up are leaves in the trees.  The question is I can not decide what to put between the two spaces IF anything,  I really like the blank area.  On the other hand maybe it's a little too much blank space?

I love the texture all over this quilt it emphasizes the feathers, birds and tree.

What do you think of the tree?

See the blank spacing, thoughts?  I would love to have this complete by our guild meeting on Saturday.
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Off to sew something else,