Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Meeting Jacquie


Over the weekend I attended a class by Jacquie Gering on her Stitch and Flip Super Nova, such a good class~ Thank you Jacquie!  Her organic quilting style is the reason I gravatated to the modern side of quilting over traditional.  When I found out she was visiting WNY I signed up (before I had a surgery date) this was a class I didn't want to miss.  Hosted by our local quilt shop they provided all of the sewing machines, irons, fabric packets in a variety of colors and lunch.

One of my first book purchases was Jacquie and Katie's Quilting Modern, the Supernova quilt was one of the chapters I liked.  Jacquie's instructions and answers to our questions were honest with an underlying message to make every quilt your own no matter what the pattern, even mistakes can become a great block.  What I was not surprised by is how genuinely nice and REAL she was, what I mean is she was great about meeting everyone in the class and making sure they were comfortable with her method.  

I stayed as long as I could but the constant up and down was rough on my knee, even with ice it eventually became too much.  I didnt leave before I got all the information I needed and asked Jacquie many questions. I brought my project home and put it up on my design wall,  I may be changing at least one of the prints, I hate poka dots and the pink and green ones seem to be screaming at me.  It is also great to be home at my sewing machine, at the correct height with my extended table. Now to make it my own

Time to link up with Freshly Pieced and Sew Fresh Quilts

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Patchwork Log Cabin ~ wait-what?

Last week I posted the fabrics for a chocolate quilt I have been contemplating 

I had the idea of a patchwork log cabin combo, yea I know sounds weird.  I did a little EQ7 play and was convinced it would work so
I started cutting up my blocks.

These are the curtains in the bedroom that this gift will go.  I knew I wanted to add blue, not a whole block of it.  This is what I came up with, just a sliver on different blocks, not overwhelming just a bit of color.  My thinking was if I made one of the squares blue it would look like polkadots, not what I wanted, do you think it works?

Once I started putting the blocks together I knew I accomplished my goal on every point. Each of the blocks will finish at 20" square (20 1/2" unfinished). For a king size quilt I need to make 24 blocks plus maybe a border. 

I got all of this done in one day, yes I am back to sewing!  
With breaks for icing and PT

Yea! Off to sew