Tuesday, September 17, 2013


In March of this year I decided to open an Etsy store to make some earnings after my retirement. I took my time making the 8 items needed to open, I wanted them perfect.  I opened it in May officially and 3 days later made my first sale.  Some items I originally made I removed after reading other shops who were successful.  As an embroiderer I had used mostly polyester thread due to strength, cotton was preferred.  

After a month and a half I put my shop on vacation for 2 weeks when I was out of the country. We returned mid July, the first thing I did was put everything I purchased for the items made into a program to calculate profit/loss.  I thought for a new store I priced properly- I was so wrong considering I love Batiks and can not get them at a discount.  I decided to close my shop for now - I had to wait until a special order was completed and received which took 4 more weeks.

Now I am back to sewing for fun, learning new skills, making things I would like for friends, family and myself, -I couldn't be happier.  I do know I will reopen my store, I would like to revamp some items and add a few new ones.  I enjoyed making each and every one

Now for a little show and tell of what I did on my summer vacation, enjoy the pictures! What did you do?

Out of Quilt World Magazine Summer Edition

Funky Friends