Monday, March 17, 2014

Kevin the Quilter and the Quilt of Valor Blocks

While searching the internet regarding Quilts of Valor, (as you know I am very interested in making one this year) I came across a wonderful blogger named Kevin.  Once I checked out his blog I knew I wanted to help with his block drive.

Kevin works with Quilts of Valor and will be attending the River Heritage Quilt Guild in Cape Girardeau, Missouri this July for the presentation. He did a post requesting blocks 12.5 square in a basic design with reds, blues, golds, white.  

Without shopping I knew I had some of these in my stash.

The design =
The main block is 12.5 x 11 and the stripe is 12.5 x 2.5
The stripe is inset anywhere within the block as long as it's straight
2 stitching lines and  press

Square up to 12.5 

I am happy to be sending him 10 blocks, it is what I could make from my stash.  When I purchase fabric in the future I will add a little yardage in an effort to send him more by June.  As a modern quilter solids are always on my list.

Have an hour to make a few blocks to send to Kevin, visit his blog here for all the details.  Quilters have the best hearts, share his blog if you know someone who can help.

I will be adding this badge to my blog in support of Kevin's Quilts of Valor, pass it on.

I still have the desire to make a Quilt of Valor, this is something I really want and will do - it's on my list

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Out of a Dream

When making a quilt you need to pick a pretty pattern and yummy fabrics, well it's one of the first steps and definitely the fun part.  

When making this quilt which came from a dream, I first picked fabrics from the same line of Riley Blake Designs.  It could have been a pretty quilt but wouldn't have been as interesting.  To change it up I added 2 fabrics from another line, a brighter yellow and a softer gray.  Your eye is drawn to the brightest and the lightest, I think it adds a little something don't you?  Making a quilt using just the color dots on the edge of the quilt may not pop when there are only three.  The quilt will come to life once it has been layered with batting, backing and top stitched this is the fun part!

With my entering my second year as a quilter I have decided instead of making quilts to make quilts to give as gifts or sell, this year I want to learn something and make each for a reason.  I have a few in my sketch book I am thinking about for quilt shows, this one will be going to the Amherst Quilters Guild ~ Blooming Quilts. (yes I have actually decided to enter a few)

Two I have picked with techniques I have never tried and really want to and lastly a couple that came from dreams.  When I was working in Catering some of my best suggestions for parties and campaigns came from my dreams.  The joke was when the bosses needed something new I was told to "Sleep on It" Lastly I want to find a great way to quilt for a charity, I am checking out a few organizations. 

I won't even suggest that I know a lot about value and volume or color theory, I have looked for books but found blogs to be the best source for me, its a learning process.  With that I am joining the Modern Low Volume Swap III with Making Rebecca Lynn.  I can not wait to receive all the treasured fabrics picked by fellow lovers of fabric.  Since this is open to international swappers they can come from anywhere, so exciting.  I am adding this badge to my blog with excitement!