Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just getting started

On September 17, 2012 I retired from my job in catering sales, age wise it was considered early but for me it was time.  My knees have issues so I had to decide on the job verses quality of life, quality wins and should every time.   With my office packed, framed picture gift of the hotel in hand and a nice farewell lunch my new chapter started at 5pm. Yay!

To say I was never introduced to a craft or technique I didn't want to try is pretty much true X2.  When I was 8 years old my favorite Aunt Goldie who we visited often introduced me to sewing.  She was making Humpty Dumpty stuffed toys, it was a simple project and she knew I wanted to help.  She was a woman with the patience of a saint and always smiled as I made every stitch.  She let me know when the stitching was good, to go to the next step or when I should try again. (introduce seam ripper) I would describe my Aunt as encouraging with a side of wisdom, in my opinion everyone should have an Aunt Goldie. I hope to be this to my nieces and nephews someday, she was that important to me and didn't even know how much. 

Aunt Goldie and my Dad
I have been sewing for 40+ years making everything from clothing, to curtains, costumes and toys.  A year ago I purchased my dream machine a Husqvarna Viking Ruby.  She is well made, has great consistent stitching, came with classes to learn all about her and she is pretty

For the last 7 months I have been taking classes, meeting great people, and sewing sewing sewing. My years of experience gave me a great foundation for this world, a world I was welcomed into whole heartily.  For those of you who are not quilters good sewing habits are needed to piece the top layer of fabric. Top stitching combines the top, batting (stuffing ) and back into a quilt. It's not a quilt to me until all the layers are together, the binding is on and it comes out of it's first time in the dryer all 'quilty' looking. It is a great feeling to make a usable item that can be used daily and washable.   I have created several for my home- for each bed, the back of the couch and the most used is the one placed over the railing.  The request came in to make a patchwork quilt for my daughter, I included a mini one for her friend and surprised my sons girlfriend with a modern quilt for Christmas.  I currently have 6 additional quilts waiting for homes, did I mention I really love quilting?

The girls Bella and Izzie lounging on my first quilt

My Daughters Quilt and her friends mini quilt
I find new patterns and quilts every day that I think are interesting and are on my to do list, these will become items I sell to fund my addiction to fabric.  It is a real addiction that I want no cure for even if there was one.   I have a few favorite Quilt Stores that I try to visit, with new fabrics showing up weekly it would be wrong not to be informed, right? I like both Modern and Traditional Quilts, there is a place for both in my world.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, come back again for a visit.  I will be posting weekly at the beginning of the week to allow the much needed time for sewing, the garden and my girls.

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