Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Birds of a Feather

I am doing some preliminary pieces for an upcoming quilt, ugg I don't know if I like it or is it just different because I have done little paper piecing. 

Here is my first little birdie, a free pattern off Craftsy.  I think he's cute and the colors will work with what I will be putting together.  My problem is - should it look this choppy or am I being over critical due to my usual quilting projects being modern comfy quilts.  You know matching points, the kind that make you say "YES" when it just comes together. 

Well I have come to the conclusion to keep going, I only need 3 or 5 birdies and doing things that scare me have worked out in the past. 


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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Michael Miller Challenge is complete

May I present the "Summer Splash Quilt"  

To start I would like to say that the way this quilt came out is exactly how I envisioned it.  I wanted to show off the fabric colors, keep the overall look soft and fun like a quilt we would use at the summer cottage.  Lots of white like the white wash of the cottage, soft yellow and peach of the flowers and naturally the blues of the water.  

I decided to design my own pattern, nothing in my file of  blocks gave me the visual I wanted.  The center of each block is large enough to show the details of the print along with some thin piecing to frame it. 

When I decided to add the corner stones the color started to skip from block to block.  I pictured tossing a pebble into the water, a big splash where it enters, then beautiful ripples surround.

I kept this in mind when deciding how to quilt, you see although the yellow diamonds are not in the center this is where the quilting emanates from.  Starting at this point and eventually rippling out the quilting surrounds the yellow diamonds until it hits the shore, I mean borders.  

I can not wait to visit the seashore, sit on the dock watching the sunset with this comfortable beautiful quilt thanks to the Michael Miller Challenge

The pattern looks more complicated than it really is.  Measuring accurately is always important, that and enjoying the process of it all coming together. 

Now for the details
All of the print fabrics ~ An assortment from Michael Miller Fabric Collections
Solids ~ Kona cotton.
Thread ~ Aurifil as always
Batting ~ Warm and White
Size ~ 60" x 64"
Pattern ~ Original design
Guild ~ Western New York Modern Quilt Guild

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Its going to be Modern and Bright

I am kind of on hold for a few projects, I had to order more lemon Aurifil thread for my Michael Miller Quilt.  I ran out with 1/3 left to topstitch- it feels like this one is taking a long time, oh well.  Next I am Queen this month for the New Quilt Bloggers Bee group, its only mid July and I only need Blocks from Two people. I'm very impressed on how punctual they all are, it is looking fantastic so far.

Lastly I cant pick up my fabrics from a fellow WNYMQG member for this months bee block until tomorrow.  Our Queen dyed her own fabrics, I cant wait to see them in person they always look so yummy.  The log cabin quilt will be a Christmas gift so its been put aside for now.

Time to at least start my Farmers Wife quilt, I think I will be doing these blocks between projects.  I have decided to use some fun and bright fabrics I have been collecting for a while.  
Whenever I found one of them at anyone of my favorite fabric stores I purchased at least a fat quarter.   One blogger I chatted with said she did her blocks in number order to keep better track since she was going to do them all anyway.  I thought that would be a good system since I will be doing projects in-between.  What are your thoughts on the colors of my first 2 blocks?  Have you ever done this quilt or just some of the blocks, so many would be great for a Bee Block. I promise not to post each block as I make them, that's boring.  Maybe every 25 or so.

The last two weeks we were on vacation on Rice Lake in Hastings Ontario, we love it there and so do the "Girls" obviously. Just a few picks~ they have the best time and we enjoy it too.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's my turn for the 2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop

 Welcome to Sewing Wilde ~ I'm Pam Wilde a Modern Quilter

I am so happy to be part of the 2014 New Quilters Blog Hop hosted by Beth of Plum and JuneI hope you have been following along, I am proud and excited to be in the company of so many amazing creative quilters.  

As the button says I am new to blogging and actually also new to quilting.  I have been sewing most of my life, you would think it would have been a natural progression but I didn't know anyone who quilted.  I always thought I would be enjoying my retirement painting or sketching with fabulous colored pencils, unfortunately RA entered my life.  Quilting gives me a little of everything, designing my patterns, picking out pretty colors and creating something beautiful and useful.  I love it and I do paint once in a while.  My very first blog post gives you a little more of my journey found here if this is your first visit.

This journal of my "quilty" life which includes those closest to me does not usually call anyone by name, so let me fill you in.  I married my best friend David 35 years ago and technically we would be empty nesters. I retired last year and hubbie plans to join me at the end of the year.    In my blog I refer to the Golden Girls, that would be Bella Rose and Isabel Zoe (Izzie)   Every day is happy and full of fun with puppies.

When I refer to little boy or baby girl in a post that would be my children Dave and Vicki respectively.  They are grown technically but until they get married and have children of their own that's how I see them.
My Quilting 
I may have come into this wonderful world of quilting later than most, for me it was perfect.  I now have time to sew when I want, take my time on each one and quilt without rules.  At my age I can do that and not feel guilty, really throw out the rules, no quilt police exist.
A couple of things could be said about my style
1) I like to try new patterns or techniques.  I don't make the same pattern two times in a row.
2) Labeling my quilts with some sort of pocket is a must, I have done them in several interesting shapes and sizes.  I consider it a challenge now 
3) AND I am NOT afraid of color!  (That's kind of an understatement)
I don't post a lot of tutorials per say but if I find a way to do something that is easier for me I will share. 
I currently have two things on my to do list, a log cabin quilt in king size and the Farmers Wife Quilt.   I have started the log cabin and am thinking about what colors to use for the farmers wife.  Should I go with 4 or 5 colors and stick with those?  Pick one color to be in each block like peach or aqua two of my favorites and make each different as long as it has one of those colors?  I do know I want them cohesive, to look like they belong together.  The other option is to go crazy with my favorite bright fabrics in every color, that is so me but may not be appropriate and I did just finish a bright quilt (Learning Curve) 
I will know when I find it. 

Here are a few of my favorites 

In the meantime I love magazines, books and of course blogs for inspiration.  I always find something new to add to the list. I'm not big on multiple WIP's, I feel I need to keep things workable. 

I can, so I do, as long as I can!

Time to sew for me, now check out some other blogs on this weeks hop 

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Without a machine

Once a year I have to drop off my viking sewing machine at the dealer for service, I know each year what week I will be doing it approximately.  I say I know this but will literally sew right up until the last minute before its time to bring the rolling case out of storage and get in the car.  She's a great machine and all she ask is for a little service, fresh oil and a good cleaning inside.  (When you own a Viking you do not ever oil it, its only done at service)  Since I sew every day I have to plot this time frame out with each WIP and then plan what I will be doing while she's gone.

So my WIP this week is a project that will take some time, rumor has it I need about 4,000 pieces.  Yep I will be cutting up all those scraps that have been stuffed into a box for the last six months.  At first I was tossing out anything less than three inches or so, that is until I saw a beautiful quilt a fellow guild member Robi made with small squares. Her quilt is so awsome and can be found on the WNY MQG site.  At first I was saving them to give away, I am not keen on working with little pieces.  As the box got filled with such beautiful colors, ones I loved enough to put into quilts I decided why not.  I am cutting them into 2 1/2" and 1 1/2" squares, so far they are sorted by colors we'll see how long that last.  

While saving the scraps I also started saving salvages just because I thought the colored dots and designers name were interesting, have not decided what to do with them yet.

Do you save your scraps for yourself or someone else?  Have you ever made a quilt with all small squares?   Did you use a pattern or wing it? Love to hear from you

Wish I was sewing,