Thursday, June 5, 2014

I loved doing the binding

This quilt has taken about 6 months to complete.  Once I made the final design decision everything came together pretty fast.  I needed to decide if I would add a black border before putting on the binding?  I had decided already I wanted the pink stripe for the binding, if I didn't do a border my thought was it would just look like all the colors ran together. 

The black would add a stop to the edge of the quilt then I remembered a recent blog post about a binding with two colors, it's just what the quilt needed. I used this tutorial just as printed, it was perfect and easy to do. The tutorial is Susie's Magic Binding found on the blog Aunt Marti's 52 Quilts Twelve Fourteen The original tutorial is fantastic so follow it step by step.  I am showing what I did below to make it special for my quilt. 

Sewing the stripe down the middle of the black to keep the pattern continuous
Normally I would cut the binding strips 2 1/2" wide, for this method the main color is cut 1 1/2" wide (pink stripe)

The accent color (black) is cut 1 3/4" wide and sewn into one long strip


Then sew them side by side creating a 2 3/4" wide piece, fold it in half with the accent piece showing just a little.  Pressing at this stage is VERY important

Fold and Press Again
Instead of stitching the binding to the front and hand stitching it to the back this method is opposite stitching it to the back and machine stitching to the front.  So much easier

Just a little black stopper is just what it needed

And TaDa the quilt is basically all done and I love it

Time for the close up

This stripe with a touch of black worked out perfectly.  Now I just need to finish the label and it is a special one, I will post that later.
6 Flavors of Aurifil my favorite thread
Time to sew,


  1. The binding is perfect like that - wonderful tip and writeup!

  2. Wow! Your quilt is stunning! *LOVE* the binding detail! Really well done!

  3. How bright and cheery! Love the binding; it does indeed perfectly finish this beauty!

  4. that is a wonderfully energetic quilt and the binding is perfect.
    not afraid of color!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Pam, your quilt is glorious! I think it is happy and wonderful!


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