Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Walking Foot Quilting

When I first started quilting I was determined not to send my quilts out for top stitching, so my method was to use my walking foot.  There were two reasons, cost of course and it didn't feel like mine anymore if someone else finished the best part.  I did all of them this way until last summer when I purchased the Tiara. 

The reason for this post came about when a friend didn't realize the width of a walking foot was one inch.  She just knew she was told to buy it and the three layers of the quilt sandwich didn't shift when she used it which is a good thing.

This is my walking foot for the Viking Ruby

What makes the walking foot extra special are the teeth that look like another set of feed dogs on the  bottom of the foot
Make sure the extended "C" part of the foot goes around your needle screw so it works with the movement of the needle

I started with one straight line~ from the outside edge to the center needle is 1/2"

Once you stitch the 1/2" lines they will fall on the green dots, the center stitch will make the 1/4" line.  Once the 1/4" line is stitched they will fall on the yellow dots and stitching down the center will create the last 1/8" line

This is matchstick quilting

My favorite is the 1/2" straight line quilting or random width straight lines.  Do you have a favorite. 

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  1. I love straight line stitching - it is how I started quilting my own quilts, too. I love the look of matchstick quilting, but due to how time consuming it is to do, I tend to love looking at other people's! :) Sometimes it is fun to straight line stitch at an angle, and I am curious about Jacquie Gering's walking foot class offered at Quilt Con next year.

    1. Yvonne I use matchstick to make the are next to it pop and use it sparingly. I took Jacquie's Craftsy Class I guess it will be somewhat like that- you will love it

  2. I never knew that about my walking foot. Thanks for the info. I have not done much of my own quilting but have a couple of tops with lots of negative space ready to give it a go. I want to do straight line stitching so this info is perfect timing. :)

    1. Cindy you will love it and changing the widths in different areas although still straight lining will give you a great effect

  3. Pam - great job explaining the foot and the measurements! I actually have not yet used my walking foot for quilting - time to give it a go! I have two projects basted and ready for quilting... We shall see!

    1. I started with this because I didn't like my "spring type" walking food made for the Viking. Then I liked it so much I kept finding ways to change it up. Cant wait to see what you do

  4. I love doing straight line quilting.... But have not yet braved any matchstick quilting. Maybe soon!


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