Friday, January 17, 2014

Storage find

Today while out shopping for a new cookie cutter I came across these clear boxes.

They are acrylic, not too stiff and best of all inexpensive.  I found them at the chain store AC Moore for $4.99 and used a 40% off coupon.  (They only accept one at a time)

When I spotted them the first thing I thought of was storage for my "fabrics in waiting".  I purchase fabrics with coupons I like and hold them until I have all the fabrics I want for the quilt project. Stacked in my double ottoman sorted by project.  With this method they can get dusty.  One of the boxes I will be using for extra cut fabric squares from my green quilt.  I have made this one 3x's its popular.

They are 12x12 so my layer cakes fit perfectly plus a couple strip packs.  They also have bubbles in each corner so the lock together when stacked

I love a good find, when I am in the area again I will get another -print those coupons!

It has taken up to a year to find the perfect fabrics with the perfect pattern. Does it mean I sometimes have extra fabric after a project? Absolutely, that's what scrappy quilts are for, and zipper bags, and purses and applique and and and :)

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