Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Envelope Pillows

Finally getting over a bad cold with sore throat and stuffy head.  Its -10 here this morning, but I do love Western New York, now if only those of you with colds would stay home and NOT pass on your bad health!

Now for today post, My gift of pillows for my daughters new home are finally done.  I think they will go quite nicely on her cream couch in the living room with its new gray shaggy rug and freshly painted walls

I enjoyed making them for her knowing it was what she wanted to add color to the room.  Boyfriend wasn't excited about the crazy colorful rugs she loved so pillows are a happy medium, right?

We decided five would be a good number in three sizes, 16" 20" square and a 9 x 16" rectangle. 

I added soft gray piping to the multi, this was tricky 

They all have a 2" overlapping envelope, the 16" & 20" have a velcro tab for added security 

The blue one I added a green border with micro 1/4" piping to break up the color. I love how the corners turned out, could be better... Next time.

Im not sure about the blue one for this room, baby girl said it could also go well in the spare room.  I have one more to make just in case it doesn't work out.  I used JoAnn' for the Home Decor fabric, was not thrilled when it took them a month on backorder to decide one I picked was out of stock.  I do like the quality of the fabric and used a 50% off sale, thats always good.

Back to quilting the king size quilt with woodgrain, half done - it is getting easier.

Time to party with Sew Fresh Quilts and Freshly Pieced linky's use my buttons to connect

Off to sew


  1. I agree the colours in your beautiful cushions provide a splash of interest in the room. I see what you mean about the blue, but you've picked out the green from the other cushions in the flange so it does match, just not as subtly as the others.

  2. I think the pillows are going to look great in the room! :)

  3. You can never have enough cushions! Beautiful - if your daughter's boyfriend doesn't want them, tell him there's a woman in England who'd snatch your hand off :).

  4. Love these pillows! The fabric on the rectangle one is so nice, and I love all the different colors you used. :)


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