Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer time

My favorite time to sew was always summer.  From the time my daughter was very small I made clothes for her.  Little girls clothes are cute and easy to sew, fabrics always came in multiples of matching/coordinating options to choose from. 

As my children grew most of my sewing for them was Halloween costumes, never did they ever have a costume from a store that came in a box and never did they ask for one.  They did get to choose what they wanted to be as they grew older.  Over the years they were a pink Care Bear, Bert from Sesame Street. a Hershey Kiss, Witch, Clown, Zorro, Alf,  Merryweather (the fairy from Sleeping Beauty who watched over Aurora) and a butterfly.  I still have most of these costumes

Sewing and designing came in handy when my daughter joined one of her favorite cousins in what later became competitive twirling.  I didn't even know our area had this until she was asked to join when they needed more flag people for a trip to Nationals which was held at Notre Dame. Doing so meant learning some basics, doing a few parades to raise money for the team and the trip.  She liked it so much she asked her cousins teacher to teach her too and she competed for the next few years wining title after title.  I loved making her gowns and costumes, trying to do something a little different each time.  Rumor has it they were still being used and passed on, as each child grows out of them.

With my children grown and on their own I still have my girls to sew for (besides quilting).  The "Golden Girls" Bella Rose and Isabel Zoe.  They are our 3rd and 4th golden and since our last golden Zoe Isabella liked her scarf when the Vet put one on her after a surgery I have been making them ever since.  They get them for every season, holiday and special occasion.  With the two of them Bella wears mostly pink and Izzie purples or green when purple isn't available to match Bella. 
When you have two its best to color code them so when they run in the back yard you know who is being chased and who is doing the chasing.  As long as it's even I let them play, it's what puppies do.

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