Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tote, tote,tote

Last week I took time off from sewing for someone else and made a tote I had bookmarked as soon as my Quilter's World magazine arrived. 

This was a sew as you go project which I had not done before and really enjoyed. First I was surprised how much more thought went into deciding what fabrics to put on next.  I started with about 6 different fat quarters and added a few more as I went along. 
Magazine instructions
As I was completing it I decided to go off script from the pattern printed and added a few elements I wanted.  My thought was I wanted to use it for an everyday type bag when shopping so I don't have to get plastic bags at checkouts like Target or Walgreens. 

I added a rather large pocket in a different color so I could separate items I would keep in my purse.  A long fabric string with a loop to attach my zipper cases I carry- 1 for change and one for paperwork I dont want to krinkle like coupons.  I found 2 different zip clips I added so I could attach keys and such.

This project took almost as long as one of my quilts, you will not see it on my ETSY site- sorry.   The rest of the week Hubby was on vacation and we got a lot done outside in the gardens - fresh baby spinach anyone... I have a lot :)

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