Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I don't like it

When I make anything I don't always like it, in fact I have 2 quilts that were changed either before they were posted on ETSY or after.  Yeah, I just couldn't decide but when I do it has to be changed. 

My Ocean Quilt first had a white border which matched perfectly with the pieces -white on white dots.  As I started to quilt it the overall project bugged me.  I didn't like the white boarder and the meander quilting was taking away from the fabric print.   I really loved the fabrics with all the colors and summer theme, first the quilting had to be removed and then the white stripe.  Once I took it off I loved it, I found the perfect stripe for the boarder.  Now to simplify the quilting, I had just reviewed several quilts posted by Jacke Gering's  when she visited a local shop for a seminar.  This is when I decided to do the straight lined.  I did a few, loved it and the quilt was on its way to completion.

 The next one I changed was the blue and white patchwork.  I had it up for a week before I decided I didn't like it, so I changed it to a gold border like I did for my daughter's patchwork quilt.  This meant deactivating it on line and taking it apart.  I figured since I had it off the site I would change the threads from poly to cotton as feedback questioned it.  I don't understand that, poly is stronger than cotton and the darker colors are better in poly because they will stay the color they were intended to be.  (I had a few ETSY convo's sent to me asking why it wasn't cotton like so many others use)

It took some time to change it as the edges were already cut to size, I also had to rewrite the posting- colors, size, overall wording.  I also removed the patchwork on the back, with the stripes suddenly I found it distracting.

I love it now and reposted it on Sunday, the same day my biggest fan posted it on her facebook page with her 200+ friends - thank you my world traveler! Site received 25 hits in 2 hours...

I loved her new FB photo from vacation in Morocco, silly camel wanted her camera

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