Friday, July 5, 2013

FooFoo's Summer edition

I started making what I call FooFoo's others call them bandanas or scarves for my puppies with our second dog Zoe.

She had to go into the vet for her surgery at 4 months and came home wearing one.  It was simple, brightly colored and cut from a single layer of fabric with pinking shears.  When it became dirty I took it off and tossed it into the laundry basket.  She then proceeded to go into the dirty laundry, sorting it with her nose and coming up with this now dirty triangle fabric she knew was hers.  I had plenty of scrap in storage even then so I cut her another so I could wash this one, she was happy.  

Over the years I started turning the edge under and adding a hem to keep them in shape but eventually they became two layers with top stitching.  Adding the two layers made them last much longer and she did love them.

As she got bigger I needed to create new ones due to her neck size and started creating them for seasons, making Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines  St. Patrick's day, Easter and July 4th.

Each year I added new ones to the collection, some just because I liked the fabric and some because the colors needed brightening.  She never tired of wearing her FooFoo's and never wanted to be naked (no FooFoo).

When we brought home the girls Bella and Izzie I decided to more or less color code them.  For me it was easy to tell them apart looking them in the face as Izzie was much redder and Bella had such a sweet expression at all times.

Telling them apart as they ran around the back yard at full speed was another story.  

Bella Rose's signature color became pink and Isabel Zoe (Izzie) became purple, to match their collars.  Pink is easy in most prints but getting the same print in purple isn't always possible.  In this case Izzie has some green (my favorite color).

I think the FooFoo's have developed into my standard pattern now after several adjustments.  If I like the print and it has both pink and purple in it I make them each one and add a ribbon.

I had a few from Zoe that were purchased at a craft show.  These were exact triangles, which is not practical.  This makes them too long at the middle to the point that Izzie can get it in her mouth - and does.  She looks like a bandit doing this and eventually chews off the point.

Before vacation I made the seasons new collection, some include embroidery.  This is new with the purchase of my embroidery machine last year. Just a little something when the pattern isn't busy.

We need one for each day because they are very active with boat rides, watching squirrels, chipmunks and this year 3 chickens.  They also go for several long walks and the daily swim in the lake, we are very busy puppies and also enjoy lounging on the porch.

At Christmas time I have made and purchased hats but that's another story

Want to make them for your dog? I use muslin for most backs ( purchased at the fabric store half price).  I buy it a bolt at a time. 1/4 yard of fabric will create the front for most mid size dogs.  I measure the collar and add 3 inches so they can be tied.  The center for the tip of the triangle is no longer than 10" (8 for Izzie) 
It ends up looking like this!

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