Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vacation time

Whenever I go on vacation I like to make something new. For this vacation I wanted a new cover-up to walk to the pool from the cottage (approximately 20 steps).  Since the air is usually cooler than the solar covered pool, having a cover helps.

I always bring the beach towel, but it tends to come untucked as I walk.  At the same time I wanted a cover up and not just a new towel.  I didn't see anything like I wanted so I purchased a velour type beach towel on sale at Joanne Fabrics 70% off and got out the scissors.

With the towel out flat, I cut off 6 1/2" from the short side (lime section on the doodle bug diagram),

then cut this piece in half creating 2 rectangles.  These two pieces become shoulder straps.  place a 2" wide piece of batting x the length of the strap in the middle of each and fold the raw edge in first then the finished edge creating a trifold.  

Sew down the edge and then add additional stitching going the same way for decoration and to secure the batting.  One end is zigzaged and attached to the back.  the other gets a button hole and will be finished using the binding method. ( 2 1/2" strip folded in half lenght wise, sew the raw edge to the front using a 1/4" seam. press and fold to the back, hand stitch) I set the straps up as optional by adding buttons to attach and remove them. The large remaining (pink section) turn under the raw edge on the large piece (pink section) where you cut for the strap twice to finish the end

The large part of the remaining towel I turned under 1 inch along what would become the top edge to form a pocket for elastic.  

Secure the ends after gathering the appropriate amount for you.  I overlapped the opening in front by crossing the ends over about 8 inches and only secured with enough stitches to attach the buttons.  DO NOT SEW THE FRONT CLOSED, you want the front open just like you tuck a towel so you can walk in it.

Having a large flap opening makes it easy to get into/out of and walk :)

Button holes on the strap front make them optional to use.   

The best vacations for me include warm weather, water and great company.  

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