Friday, October 4, 2013

She's here!

A few weeks ago I was invited to a baby shower for my cousins daughter. 

Our family was large with my Mom and Dad having about a dozen brothers and sisters between them.  My placement in the group of cousins was the youngest as I am 10 years younger than my oldest sister.  It always felt like 90% of the cousins were the same age as my first 3 siblings, not many were my age.  Family gatherings in the 60's usually centered around food.  When my mom made her famous chicken chowder it became a gathering of family. All the kids played outside, yes these were the days of yo yo's, skip-it (which I was really good at) and hula hoop.  I bring this up as it was my cousin C who didn't treat me like a little kid too young to join in, she included me and taught me to hula hoop. She and my sister K are still close and I join them when I can for breakfast once a week.

I was excited to make her something special that she wouldn't get from anyone else.  The color of the baby's room was my favorite green and since we didn't know if it was a girl or boy gender neutral was the theme, that and jungle animals. I knew I wanted it to be modern, the fabrics I picked out screamed it.  I also wanted the quilting not to overshadow the chevron design and I had just taken an Angela Walters class, it was perfect for this quilt.

I made her this quilt, lion and added a baby book about lions. All I needed to add was a basket, cellophane and a bow.  She loved it. 

Two weeks later and a month before she was due a beautiful baby girl was brought into this world, she is perfect and mommy is doing well.  Grandma, my cousin C is overjoyed and to celebrate her arrival I made a pink blanket with the baby's name appliqued on it in the green fabrics of the quilt. Do you think she will like it, it's very snugly.

Welcome Sabrina.


  1. I hope baby S likes her new lion toy. I certainly like my cow! :)


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