Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Avery Quilt Label

The first labels I put on my quilts were handwritten with a Micro pen or machine embroidered on my home sewing machine.  To change things up I decided to try computer generated/printed labels, the possibilities of designs are endless.

I asked friends and fellow quilters if anyone used them and if so what brand of printable labels they used, I received a couple of different options.  The first one I tested was an iron on product, by Avery.  The material is fabric on one side and a heat activated adhesive on the other.  

Once printed I took it to the sewing machine to add on some fabric to give it a little extra something.  The quilt I was putting it on was all inset circles, I wanted this to be round and be a pocket.  I ironed the label onto some of the binding fabric as a backing and also added a binding all around. 

So my thoughts on the Avery product is it prints clearly, easy to use but a little stiff.  The fact that I like my labels to be a pocket worked out

Time to sew,


  1. What a neat idea to make your label a pocket! I just recently decided to print my labels via Spoonflower to piece into the backs of my quilts. I had been machine embroidering as well, so the downside is that I have to remember to piece in the label when I am making the backing (duh!). :)

    1. Our quilt guild used spoon flower for labels to add when we display at shows together, they were nice. This quilt didn't necessarily NEED a pocket but all the labels I have done so far were. Now I'm trying to see how many shapes I can make them in just for fun


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