Monday, May 12, 2014

Follow me buttons, HELP

I am basically considered NEW at blogging having just celebrated my one year anniversary.  With this I recently added follow me type buttons to make connecting easier for everyone who visits.  I didn't add them when I first started, at the time it was more like a journal for my quilting journey.  I knew I was being seen by the public by the comments and total page views counter.  I was more interested in the content of each post than who was following, figuring this all out takes time.  Since I love to follow several blogs and clicking those buttons was the best way for me to find my favorites I decided it was time. 

I added bloglovin first,

It was a natural button to add as I post via blogger.  It was easy and I made sure I filled out all the profile information.   I then added Google+ as it was so popular on other blogs.  Seemed easy enough until I recently found out after another viewer sent me an email this broke my connection with blogger making me come back as no reply. NO!!!  I want to be able to reply to visitors, so today I went in and in trying to correct it I think I broke my bloglovin button.

Back to the internet to find out how to fix it, in the meantime I apologize for those of you trying to reach me by replying to a post.  You can always email me at

back to the internet

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