Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Waste not

Last week I posted about my regret on having to nix the farmers wife blocks, this week its a baby quilt.

Adding a ring of 2 1/2" strips once around and I have a nice block, nine of the blocks on the front and one on the back.  The backing is some Michael Miller fabric I purchased for the last challenge that I didn't use. Lastly I Frankinsteined a few strips of batting together with a little zigzag.  Waste not!

The finished quilt will be about 36 x 36", perfect size to practice my FMQ.  What do you do with blocks that become orphaned for one reason or another?

My next project is going to be an assortment of these soft colored solids.  I am working on a block with extra space between seams, all negative space.  While piecing will take some time, I am doing lots of doodling and playtime on the Tiara.  

Back to playing,
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  1. Oh wow!! Those blocks turned baby quilt is awesome!! Love the colors and your quilting is fabulous!!

  2. It's a great baby quilt - so colorful, a baby is sure to love it! Have fun playing with your quilting!

  3. What a perfect use of those orphan blocks! Yes, I agree... Waste not, want not. I also frankenstitch my batting pieces for small projects. Nice work on the Tiara, Pam! Looks like you are having fun!

  4. great use for the blocks, the quilting is beautiful and I love the backing fabric. My orphan blocks sit in a nice pile waiting for... well I don't know!

  5. Love the "Frankinsteined" look. So cozy and creative!

  6. Great project shifting! One orphan can become a doll quilt or a neonatal quilt with borders added; others wait for new orphans that will coordinate and may become 40 x 40 infant quilts. Destined for charity projects of the quilt.

  7. Wonderful playing you have going on here. I know that after the fabric challenges I'm usually "over it" and happy to put the excess fabric to good use. Stroller sized quilts are great if you know any babies - they get caught in the wheel a lot less than regular sized ones.

  8. I love the FMQing you are doing, it looks wonderful. For spare blocks, I used to make test blocks out of my ugly fabric but then once they were made I could not throw them out (so I have a bunch of really ugly mismatched blocks). I now make all of my test blocks using various Bonnie and Camille fabrics. I have about 10 or so and in another year or two I will combine all of the blocks for a quilt.

  9. Your quilting is fab! I don't really have any orphan blocks. I don't do blocks that much :)


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