Wednesday, November 12, 2014

AMH Birds of a Feather

For me it seems like this one took a long time, they are part of a block swap with the girls at WNY MQG starting back in September 2013.  It is almost done and maybe you can help me decide something

Let me start with what was added since the last post of this project.  I hope it is not TOO noticable I placed a tree under the white fabric to complete the vision I had before it all began.

I changed the quilting for each area, the bottom are waves of grass, moving up are leaves in the trees.  The question is I can not decide what to put between the two spaces IF anything,  I really like the blank area.  On the other hand maybe it's a little too much blank space?

I love the texture all over this quilt it emphasizes the feathers, birds and tree.

What do you think of the tree?

See the blank spacing, thoughts?  I would love to have this complete by our guild meeting on Saturday.
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  1. This is looking pretty cool. I'm not much help on the quilting - maybe extend the grass up a little bit and the top pattern down, so you still have a blank space but it's not so big?

  2. Oh I LOVE it Pam!! It is gorgeous and tree is just enough visible!
    For the blank space - maybe repeat the design you did in the border - those straight lines, 1/4" spaced (I think?) - just a few of them?
    Or a silhouette of one of the birds?
    You inspired me to put my feathers on the design wall now!! :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, your so good at the quilting
      I know doesnt it just scream the need for birds!

  3. The whole quilt is so beautiful and creative.

  4. Love the tree! I really like how subtle is it. It is a gorgeous quilt. Since it is so heavily quilted on most of the surface, I think the blank space looks unfinished. I would quilt it with the same amount of quilting you did on the rest of the quilt. Not sure what pattern though....

  5. Hi Pam... that is gorgeous... the multicoloured feathers are looking great against the white background. Especially I like the birds between all the feathers. Kind regards from Germany, Annett
    Feel free to visit my blog there's the Chicken Run going on - a pincushion giveaway/swap.

  6. Love this, this tree and the quilting is perfect! I think you should leave the blank space blank.

  7. How about bird names written in script? Wren, Robin, Finch, etc.

  8. Oh the addition of the tree is lovely! I would probably put some kind of quilting into that space - I liked the idea of adding more birds from above. Good luck!

  9. This is incredible! The tree is perfect and I love how you quilted with the grass and leaves. I think the blank space should be filled in too. Even if you put more grass in that space. It would be fast and easy to finish with that. Looks fabulous!

  10. Loving the birds you have placed in with the feathers. I do think I am going to have to make a feather quilt one day ......

  11. Very cool - love the tree! How about wavy horizontal lines in the blank space, like windy sky.

  12. I like the tree! A treat for those getting close to the quilt! The feathers are so colorful. I found you on my google plus page which I had no idea how to use and hope I will remember how to use now. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  13. Beautiful, I love the addition of the birdies along with the feathers.


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