Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Multitasking and still calm

Multitasking at my old sales job was the only way to stay on top of everything.  I loved how it made me feel organized. When it came to quilting multitasking made me nervous like I wasn't getting anything done.  I currently have more projects at various points of progress than EVER before and am amazingly calm.

First I made this little guy for my secret Santa swap, some thought is needed but it is started. I love incorporating machine embroidery and quilting.

Next I am going to be queen for ModernInstaBeeHive17 for January2015, since one of our ladies is going to have her first baby in January we were asked to post early.  For my quilt I know I want at least 16 maybe 20 blocks so I am making extra examples now. I asked for 2 prints that coordinate, I would like a variety of colors so I didn't give suggestions. 

Last week I received most of my blocks from the WNY MQG, these are the first two quilt tops ready to be sandwiched, I am still missing some blocks for the third one. I put the blocks together with a quarter inch piping around the outside then another three inches.  They will finish at 40 x 40"

I love how these cute fabrics play together

I had so many blue blocks I made one of the quilts just blues.  Look some are froggies, bees and swirls in this one.

Finished and mailed my last bee block for Novembers queen, this is also the pattern I picked.  Mine are double prints see how different it looks with a solid.
Just waiting for the mail delivery to finish the blocks for the patchwork log cabin quilt.  I am eight blocks short of the swirly brown rings. I hate when that happens, Etsy to the rescue.

I think the reason I am so calm about all of this is because November may be busy with all this piecing, that means December will be all about quilting.  I will say it~ quilting is my favorite part, I am going to enjoy December.

You know I am linking up with my two favorites, Sew Fresh Quilts and Freshly Pieced, check them out!

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  1. There is a really big difference with the blocks between the double prints and solids. Pretty neat how fabric selection can make such a big change. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. It seems this time of year is especially busy for us quilters, with lots of projects in various stages of completion. You have a lot going on! Quilting is my favorite part too - I hope you have fun finishing these up!

  3. Really like the 1/4" piping too on these, frames them really nicely.

  4. I have a friend (a bit OCD) (no really OCD...LOL) who starts a quilt and does absolutely nothing else until it's finished.......It's better to have more than one thing going at a time, I think.I'm visiting from Sew Fresh Quilt.

  5. I think I need a Christmas sheep with lights....and if I make one, I can already hear my daughter telling me she needs one, too! It is beyond sweet - just love it!

  6. Oh My - you are uber-organized Pam! that little sheep you made with the twinkly lights is sew adorable!

  7. Your little sheep is so cute!
    How did you find so many bees to join? I'll be looking for another one, probably after Florida trip. Liking ours a lot, but I think I want more.

  8. I do love adding machine embroidery to my quilts! So much to do, so little time!!


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