Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rag Quilt ~ Sew Cute!

Last week our local chain fabric / craft store ran a black Friday sale starting on Wednesday, good thing because I don't leave the house to shop on black Friday.  They really only had one thing I wanted, 75% off flannel making it $1.74.  I had making a rag quilt on my wish list and figured since this was a test and would be for me the chain store purchase was ok.  I also have been saving smaller pieces of batting that would work for this project.  I am thrilled I didn't use any "new" batting for this project.

(tutorials can be found on line so I did not set this post up as such- many bloggers and YouTube have tutorials)

Materials used
4 yards of backing flannel  cut into 64 pieces (10" squares)
1 yard each of 4 different flannels for the front - each cut into 16 pieces (10" squares)
Scrap batting cut into 7" squares, 64
Aurifil white thread
Spring assist sissors, I used Fiskars micro-tip sissors #5
It is an easy project

Place one flannel backing square right side down in the center of the batting and add the last ten inch square right side up on top. 

Add a couple pins and stitch an X on each one corner to corner, I chain pieced mine.

Placing the squares together, back to back sew one inch seams until you have eight squares accross.  Then sew the rows together the same way. (Seams to the front) eight rows down (check a tutorial for better understanding here)

Using the spring assist scissors fringe the one inch raw edges. Definitely need to add the Rag Quilt template to my wish list (Accuquilt)
Machine wash and dry to fluff

Tradition holds, I put a pocket on this quilt too only this time it is on the front AND has a zipper closure, sew cute!

Look how fluffy snugglie my new all flannel quilt is


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Off to sew,


  1. Lovely color choices, and it sounds like it went together really well! I know you didn't set this post up to be a tutorial, but I could probably do a pretty good job of making one from your description anyway. Congratulations on the finish!

  2. I made a rag quilt last year and it is soooo warm. I don't know if I'd make another one very soon - all that clipping the edges was tedious! :) One day, an Accuquilt cutter will be mine!

  3. It looks so cozy and li love your little pocket surprise Pam!


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