Friday, December 5, 2014

Feathers ~ My way tutorial

As you know I am in several bees and our queen for NQB Bee asked for Anna Marie Horners feathers. Stephanie of Late Night Quilters requested them without backing so she can applique them, I can not wait to see her quilt when its done.

After doing so many for my quilt I found a better way without using paper 

First when I get new fabric I cut off the edges and save the salvages, sometimes as much as two inches.  I start by picking colors I like to start.
Then I fold them in half wrong sides together with the idea that the longer ones will be at the base of the feather. 

Then I cut the open end (not the folded) at a 45 degree angle

Cut the other end to make it into two pieces

This gives you both sides of the feather at the proper angle, this is where I decide on the fabric colors and order

Time to chain piece them one side at a time

Sew together overlapping 1/4" for less waste

After pressing, fresh cut the stem side of the feather
The stem is actually designed to show 1/4" between colors.  When I sew my stem I use whatever width scrap I have. It is easier for me to control wider widths than narrow.

After pressing, trim to 1/2" showing
(3/4" total)

Attach the other side


After trimming the first side to your desired shape, mark the other side to balance your feather.  Use the stems straight line for a starting point
If you are doing a feather with a background you would start with your background piece before starting the feather.  At this point you would add top and sides of the background.
This is one of the feathers with white backgrounds from my other quilt.  I blue dotted where I attached the white if you need your feather to be a block
Here are the two I did for Stephanie ~ yay ta-done!
Off to make arrows for my Do Good Stitches bee


  1. Great tutorial - thanks! The blocks look great, and I like how unfussy it all comes together. I can definitely see this working for me someday. :)

  2. Awesome! I've been wanting to make some, this will get me going!

  3. Great job! So smart without the paper!

  4. Your feathers turned out great Pam!

  5. Thank you so much, Pam! The feathers are gorgeous and I'm about to try out your method tonight!! You are an awesome bee-mate.

  6. Just used your tutorial to finish my feathers--must mail them off today! Thank you so much!


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