Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas mood?

Warning- no sewing on todays blog

I don't know what it is about this year but here it is a week before my most favorite holiday and I'm not feeling it. I have done some shopping, made some cookies, have one of my Christmas trees started, we had record snowfall already in the Buffalo area... yet not feeling it.

So over the weekend I traveled to NJ to see my baby girls first home purchase with her fella, it is so adorable and decorated for the holidays.  I am so proud of them, such a cute first home and she gave me an idea of something I can make for her.
Lunch in Montclair and a little window shopping, yes those are knitted hats in fun shapes.

Saturday morning we set off by train into NYC to see the the sites, a train full of Santas so much fun.  It was Santa.con day in the city- I will say we encountered the largest bunch very early so no drunk santas, just jolly happy ones. 

Our first stop was the Etsy Holiday shop set up in Chelsea Market, it was interesting.  I purchased a few cards not much else, it was crowded with barely wide aisles and way too warm.  I hope the shop owners did well, the space should have been bigger.

We saw Cinderella, I always plan a show when in NYC, they are better.  Somehow the storylines are more playful. Very enjoyable.

Then there was the tree, my favorite tree.  I dont care how crowded it is or how far we had to walk its worth it every time.

Sunday morning after a picture perfect breakfast at Normas, last on the "get you in the holiday mood" are the windows at Macy's, with some shopping in the Christmas department (60% off)

After a little break for my knees baby girl took her mama from NYC to the EWR airport by train so I didnt get lost, yes I was conserned about that. Thank goodness she knows the ins and outs of the NYC trains and subway system.

Thank you for a great weekend, see you at home next week!

I had a wonderful time with my daughter, great food as usual and then I was back home getting double puppy kisses in the car like I was gone for weeks instead of 2 days.  
Kinda caught up on my holiday sewing, off to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" that should do it, right?


  1. That is a gorgeous tree! If it helps, I'm not feeling Christmas-y either, but your photos have helped a little.

  2. Our "Christmas" gift was a big trip at Thanksgiving, so NO presents...and I'm kind of not in the spirit of the season either~but hopefully your tip helped you!

  3. I'm having a hard time "feeling" Christmas too. But I think it's primarily because we're in Florida. Hard to think of "over the river and thru the snow" when it's 75 degrees! Poor me...

  4. I love NYC at Christmas time. Your pictures are great and make me want to take a trip! :) I've been having a difficult time getting in the mood this year too - hopefully we'll find the Christmas spirit soon!


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