Friday, November 29, 2013

Fire Pit

It's that sad time of year where we have to put away the garden ornaments, trim back the berry bushes and cover the fire pit for the season

We built our own fire pit a few years ago and it's the best part of summer nights.  When we first got it I also purchased a cover at the cost of $40+ to keep it from filling with water when it rained.  Since it was basically a plastic cover with a fabric lining it has since cracked and is not doing its job.

I decided it looked easy enough, needs to be round, at least 46" and 12" tall, Easy peazy! So I used a pencil and string to make my perfect circle with a 12" strip long enough to go around the circle.  

I used rubberized fabric (used to protect children's bed sheets in my case puppy when she was sick) nylon fabric and a parachute clip.  Since I already had the rubberized fabric the whole thing cost about $9 and an hour of my time.

Ready to sew

The only step that doesn't show is I added 4"  to the side, the top fit the top even and angeled out, this makes it easy to put on.  (Picture adding a piece the shape of a triangle). The parachute clip clinches in this extra fabric and keeps it from blowing off.  Any sewing I did on the nylon I backed that area with fabric to make it stronger.  

Parachute Clip 
Since we like to keep the cooled ashes in the pit during the season for a hotter fire bed I also drape a layer of used plastic from my garden to make sure it stays dry.

I think it looks good and certainly does the job!

Fire Pit Covered

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