Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Recently my computer died when infected with a Trojan virus, my son was able to kill it and restore my files.  While it was gone I realized all the embroidery files I would have lost if he wasn't so good at his job.  

Upon its return the first thing I did was copy them to a CD and started printing all my patterns I had purchased.  To do this double sided I purchased a light card stock and several binders on sale for $1.

Once printed I organized them in each binder by the type of file.  The new post-it label tabs worked perfectly separating the files

 I decided to use the clear label maker instead of handwriting the tabs

When I stitch embroidery 
patterns with multiple pieces and steps I make paper strips with the size fabric needed and alphabetize them by step.  This way I can cut my pieces while watching TV, keep them organized and cut the same pattern several times.  

 I pin them to the fabric and save them with the pattern by using pocket folder inserts.

This pattern I printed in 4 colors so I could make them one after another while my machine was in embroidery mode.

Do you do something similar?

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