Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bring on Fall

My favorite time of year is the Fall, not too warm, not too cool and the changing leaves in Western New York are amazing. After reading my daughters blog today Wilde in the Kitchen she feels the same way, it's a family thing.  

I loved the fall weather so much I planned my wedding for October.  Picking the day was tricky because my childhood home had a maple tree that had the best colors on the street for a few weeks each fall.  My goal was to pick a day that showed the tree at its peak of color.  We picked the third weekend, I decided on Friday so my wedding didn't land on Sweetest Day a  ~ Hallmark Holiday.

My niece Lisa and I
I knew I wanted to make my wedding gown and what I wanted it to look like, keep in mind this was the 70's and this style was very popular.  I also made my little sisters gown and several items for that special day.  I loved sewing and made the time to create exactly what I wanted even then.   

Patty Sue, Pam, Kathy, Me, Linda, Aileen & Lisa
All of the fabric for the girls dresses are exactly the same, the color change was possible by changing the dress lining color, kinda fun huh. I searched all over for fabric finding it in Buffalo at a little in home shop.

I still have my veil, gown and the bouquet.  I don't expect my daughter to wear it, to begin with she is 2-3 sizes smaller than this dress and the fabric was satin and chiffon.  When Miss V was born I used the extra fabric from my dress for her christening gown, this fulfilled my wish for her to wear my wedding dress and I loved making it.  I spent a week before this posting to try and find pictures of her christening dress, it seems I need to check with my sisters as I have no pictures from that day.

The weekend before my wedding the tree was just starting to turn, still mostly green.  The weekend after all the leaves had fallen after a strong night of windy weather.  I think we picked the perfect weekend, what do you think?


  1. Yay Fall! So pretty :) Moreover the sleeves might be too hot on the beach!

    1. Yea, this was for much colder weather than your destination


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