Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's a secret

I am again so glad I read blogs!

Sounds strange as an opening line, yet so true.  When I first retired two years ago adding new blogs to my list was a highlight to my daily routine.  Of course at the beginning it was ALL food blogs as my little girl was a food blogger, it is easy to spider off of great reads.

Then when I started quilting I added quilty blogs.  This is the only reason I saved my scraps to cut into squares later.  Love a good tip and may I just say a little Yay!   Now I am feeling extra good I did all the trimming on my summer vacation.  You see on Sunday I decided I wanted to drop everything and make a gift.  After getting some reccomendations on a pattern I got started.  

With the trimming part already done my project came together quickly, unfortunately since the receipent and this gift are still a secret, I did a little magic on the next photo.

It's called the "Toon" app, changing it into a cartoon- can't give it away quite yet.  As soon as it is received I promise to share.

So I guess my take away is to save your scraps and trim them up, you never know when you need to do a quick project.  (Not the final project I didnt show you)

Ok, that was a little fun.
For those of you who so kindly sent good thoughts to my Izzie girl, she is feeling better.  Still on medication, she is now giving her sister some much missed playtime.



  1. This is an interesting little post...with the cartoon app and all. I'm glad Izzy is feeling better.

    1. Thanks, I only post once a week on Tuesdays and the gift is in the mail,- soon I promise. Since this was my only project this week I really wanted to use part of it

  2. I think your dogs are stealing the show here...Will have to come back for the big reveal...:-)

  3. I love the silly effects on photos sometimes. Also, so glad to hear Izzy is doing better!

  4. Clever app and it's got me wanting to see the quilt for real. I hate it when I'm making something that can't be blogged, though it's kind of inevitable with gifts.

  5. Looks like you were having fun with those scraps. Can't wait to see the big reveal!


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