Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Last week Monday was surgery, instead of going into rehab I was such a superstar patient I was sent home.  Lucky for me my hubby is taking 3 weeks off to help take care of me and the girls.  
 Flowers from my baby girl who is traveling
Now onto quilting things~ I have had time to read so many more blogs with all this non sewing time, I have 20-30 I read every week.  With all this extra time on my hands I have ventured out into some new territory, a silver lining to my week of torture.  Do you have any favorites that I can add to my list during recuperation?
Our New Quilt Bloggers Bee October block was sent this week, it's going to be a maple leaf block.  I LOVE MAPLE LEAVES!  My childhood home had such a gorgeous maple tree I picked October to get married so I could use it as a backdrop.  The weather was beautiful and my tree was perfect that weekend.
My wedding day
After checking out my wedding album I decided I could at least pick out some fabrics, I REALLY WANT TO SEW.  I can easily cut out squares on my spinning 12" cutting board on my lap while still elevating and icing my knee right?
fabric pull
We have the option to do either two 12" blocks or one 18" block.  Our queen liked the gold, orange and red so I am making her all three.  Kate was able at the last minute to move her month from November to October to fill in for a member who has yet to make any blocks. BIG THANK YOU KATE!

18" Block

12" Block
12" Block
The burgundy/red one is I need to revisit at the sewing machine.  Each of the squares are a perfect 6 1/2" square~ but its not as flat as it should be?  Its not the difference in fabric, the gray is Kona cotton and the burgundy/red is quilt shop cotton (Joel Dewberry) MmmMmmm, I will figure it out before I send it off.
The orange one I need to look for a solid to compliment the leaf as a stem.  Sometimes I think I have more solids than prints so it shouldn't be a problem
Ice, ice elevate


  1. Wow, I hope your recovery goes as smoothly and quickly as your hospital stay! The bee blocks look fantastic, and how awesome you are able to sew and get in double duty exercise time.

  2. Total recovery will be 3 - 6 months and it will never be 100 % but others with the same surgery assure me it will be better than before surgery. Right now I am doing little sewing but it makes me feel normal when I can

  3. Thanks for sharing! Love the wedding photo. Love all the colors and combos you showed. This year, the leaves are just perfect colors in WNY so enjoy them while recuperating.

  4. Good luck with your recovery... hope it goes quickly. First time visiting your blog.. .the wedding photo is great.. looks to be about the same era as mine! Love the leaf block with the birds. Happy stitching while you ice!

  5. I can see why you wanted to get married with those maples. Very pretty. :) Wishing you healthy thoughts for your recovery! Love that bird leaf.

  6. Glad you are doing so well! Way to go getting those blocks done!!! About to start mine......

  7. I enjoyed seeing your wedding picture. Bet that little girl is all grown up now?

  8. I am happy you are doing so well, love the blocks, mine are on my to do list this week.


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