Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My girl

I don't post many puppy pictures on my blog but this girl has most of my attention this week so she gets top billing. You see my Izzie girl hasn't been feeling well and just wants to cuddle, even her sister bringing her toys has done little to perk her up.  A trip to the vet confirms she has a UTI so hopefully a few days of medication should bring her back to her fearless spunky self.  Bella and I will both stick close till she's back to herself, taunting her sister to play.

The little sewing I have been able to do consisted of Bee Blocks to get ahead of myself.  

To finish up the "Feathers" quilt top I decided it needed another size feather so I made some minis to fill in the open spots and to throw off the symmetry.  

Once I had them all in I made one more to add to the border to make it look like an extension of the tail.  The colors around the outside are a 1/4" thick, since the Michael Miller challenge I have been obsessed with 1/4" piping.  

I will do what I can this week to ditch all the feathers then move on to the free-motion tree I will create within the piecing.

Off to cuddle with my girls, cant leave anyone out of the cuddles.

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(hint on who is who- Izzie wears purple and Bella pink)


  1. Love your blocks, but I must say I'm in love with Izzie! Brings back memories of our Sasha, she was my kids best friend for many years.

  2. Your feathers quilt is looking gorgeous! I love that piping! Hope your puppy soon gets back to feeling perky!

  3. Really like the framing and the feather breaking the border. Hope Izzie feels better soon!

  4. Go Izzy, go!! You can beat the UTI in no time!! Hope your gorgeous girl feels better very soon. :)
    I really LOVE what you did with feathers and can't wait to see how quilting makes it even more gorgeous!

  5. I want to be in your bee! Your bee blocks are just so pretty!

  6. Oh, I hope some sweet cuddles, love, and attention help Izzie feel more like her normal self soon. She looks like such a sweetheart! I *love* how the feathers quilt top came together - especially how the feather interrupts the border at the bottom. So lovely and well done!

  7. The feather breaking the border is so cool. I love the unexpected in a quilt and your feather quilt really shows that off. Well done!

  8. Poor Izzie - I hope she feels better fast! Very nice work despite how much your time has been spent pup doctoring. Your Feathers quilt is extraordinary Pam!

  9. How do dogs get UTIs? I know (all too well) how humans get them. Poor puppy! None of our dogs have ever had one. And how did you know?
    The feathers are wonderful!

  10. I like your block with stars and your quilt top is looking really great as well! I hope your dogs feels better!


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