Monday, October 6, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I was tagged last week by my friend Marija of Fabric of My Life - I'm sure you have seen many of them around the blog world.  It has been a great way to be introduced and find out about blogs you may not know about and its fun.

Before getting to my questions I will tag my next blogger to introduce- I am tagging Kerry Smith of That's Sew Kerry.  Visit and follow Kerry's blog to enjoy her beautiful work.  With my tag you will be going from Western New York to the UK! Kerry's turn will post next Monday, please stop by to visit her too.

Now for my questions

1. What are you working on?
As many know I am forced to take a little break due to surgery but have much in progress.

I was able to make a couple bee blocks I posted last week, now I am cutting squares for a brown quilt, thinking patchwork with a log cabin twist.

Then there is another idea floating for a Christmas quilt.  So I am currently collecting reds due to this recent issue

I will also be making for my niece a quilt from fabric she purchased on her honeymoon in Hawaii.  It's beautiful fabrics (that I cant share- sorry) I haven't decided on a pattern yet that will do the fabrics justice, but I will

2. How does my work differ from others

All I can say is we can all have the same pattern or materials and mine will be a little different.  I cant help it, I cant follow a pattern exactly, at least I haven't so far.

I have seen this pattern many times and when I made it I had to use more muted colors and add the hearts inside the stuffing.

Our Modern Quilt Guild hosted a feather swap, I am not sure what others planned with theirs but yea, mines different.  I was at the point of quilting it just before surgery, I dont want to hurry this one, I am loving it.

Why do I do what I do?
I started quilting after retirement, many things I did for fun were no longer physically possible.  After my first visit to a quilt shop I was hooked, what else can I say. This makes me happy and quilting for charity is a plus.

How does my creative process work?
As a new quilter everything inspires me to at least try it.  I am still like a little kid who keeps saying "I wanna try that - ooOoo I want to try that too!  I keep finding new things to try and do.  As for my blog, if I find a way that works for me I share it.

Let me know if this is your first visit and where you are visiting from, this was fun to answer.  What is your creative process?

thanks for stopping by, be sure to visit Kerry next week

Ice, ice elevate


  1. Hello Pam. It's nice to learn more about you. I didn't realise that you too have taken up quilting since your retirement. Me too! Good luck picking up new quilting challenges when you are feeling better.

  2. Dear Pam, since I am from WNY, I hope to meet you and see your work in person! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Can't wait to see that feather quilt! Oh and I am loving that AP&Q red and white...hope my issue is in my mailbox soon!
    Thanks for accepting my Tag, looking forward to hop along to Kerry's blog and explore...

  4. So glad to hear I'm not the only one who acts like a kid in a candy store - there's just so much I want to try! Maybe one day I'll be more focused, but for now anything that catches my eye gets added to my ever-growing to do list. :). I can't wait to see your feather quilt finished, I really like what you've done so far.

  5. I have been having so much fun reading about everyone in this blog hop - it is so fun! I think the quilt for your niece sounds like it will be really enjoyable, and the browns you have selected are great. Your feather swap quilts is going to be a treasure to whomever is lucky enough to receive it. I hope your recovery continues to progress well.


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