Monday, October 13, 2014

Photo tutorial

For my WNY MQG BEE I picked a tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt company- I LOVE JENNY! I picked the Disappearing Pinwheel Friendship Star. 
I got word the video tutorial wasn't very clear so here is a step by step in photos, guild members if you have questions send me an email.  Well the best way to share it with everyone is to post it on my blog.
Using two 10" squares, one being a fun print and one Kona White Cotton 
Next put them together with the good sides to the middle
Stitch all the way around the outside 1/4" seam
I traditionally use a scant 1/4"

Cut both ways point to point  

~Press ~
Open them and lay them out to form a pinwheel- make sure it is
spinning the correct way
NOTE at this point it measures about 13 1/2"
Sew them together and press again
The size is about 13" - I square it up to 12 3/4" to make the
1/3 measurements easier
Cut into 1/3 both ways - you will make 2 cuts each
way measuring 4 1/4"

At this point I'm going to suggest looking at the pieces like a
puzzle and put them in the correct order
(the whole spin/ turn mumbo confused me)

View from the back

Sew them together in rows - press so the
seams on each row will go together

and press again - ta-done
the final size will be between 11 1/2 - 12"
Guild members you don't need to square it up
All the blocks collected will be grouped into 2 sets of 9 to make two infant quilts for WNY Newborns in Need.  Thank you for your bee blocks for this charity.


  1. What a fun block, and your photo tutorial is very clear. I hope you get a lot of fun and vibrant blocks!

  2. Very nice block and great pictures, your tutorial was very clear.

  3. What a cute block! These will make such a cute quilt. Your tutorial was very clear and the pictures really help.

  4. Isn't that a fun way of doing a block? Jenny has so many good tuts.

  5. Cute!! I love all the things Jenny comes up with and her friendly attitude. You're tutorial is really well done!


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