Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bing Bong

Yes I know my title is a little strange but it's the words I heard all week.  "Bing Bong, this is your captain speaking" I was on a cruise last week and this is how he announced himself each morning to give us the days news.  Now that I've been home for a few days I feel better and got caught up, you know emails, mail, restocking the kitchen and recovering from sun poising.  You can ask everyone I was with this week I started layering on SPF 50 before breakfast and reapplied every hour or so, still got it.

Something exciting happened while I was gone, I received notice that the Quilt Bee I signed up for last month is now full and will start in April, #moderninstabeehive17 so fun.  You need to buy Lindsay Conners book, Modern Bee 13 Quilts to make with your friends, I looked it up and downloaded it to my kindle.  I read the Queens wishes Katie, looked up the pattern and got started.  All stash, I had her colors and it was an easy block.  Yep, it's done and will go in tomorrow's mail.  My Modern Quilt Guild also will start a bee in May and I signed up for that one too.   

You see when I worked outside the house I was a mega multi tasker, now when it comes to quilting I try to start and finish in an effort not to have several unfinished quilts.  I joined 2 bees to push me out of my comfort zone,  I'm still very organized so I know I can do it.  Can't wait till next month when I get to do both Bees!

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