Friday, April 25, 2014

Quilty insperation

I LOVE my daughters new job!  Her last job was in a lab so the Instagram pictures she shared were mostly going to and from work (NJ to Long Island)  Some were pretty colored test tubes, not very often.  Always pretty with an interesting perspective, loving the newest ones.  They are like Oz, now they are in pretty colors!

Now she travels the world literally (still as an organic chemist) for the company.   I've already claimed one to use as quilt inspiration Jacquie Gering style her blog is Tall Grass Prairie Studio. If you want to see what I'm talking about.  This one was taken in the USA at the train station.

Now to see places I will never go to - Can you say insperation

In Oxford - the boxes and medallion crest on the door, scrolls and curves on the bottom two and you know that pretty cluster of flowers is screaming appliqué quilt including the molding

Singapore - the lights acrossing the street jumping from building to building


And the Helix bridge I view as a twist on straight line quilting with an great curve 

She also sent me these yummy fabrics, I have to find just the right project

Next week London and Berlin, can't wait for the pictures, safe travels baby girl.  You can check out her blog she post her travels at Wilde in the City

Off to sew

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