Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Every Easter a few weeks before I change my laptop screen to this picture it's 13 years old and I love it.  My daughter took it for me while I tried to get Zoe's attention.  Usually she loves posing for pictures, she just wasn't feeling it that day.  After a few minutes my baby girl (who's now 30+  ) was done.  While I gathered up all the props I thought Zoe would play but no, instead she got sick.  Unbeknownst to me she had eaten a flower, poor baby.  I hate to say it but that sourpuss is part of the charm of the picture, it's a favorite.  

So when you do a book of your next puppies first year of course you do an Easter photo shoot.  This task was about 20 pictures.  I have some of them both sitting pretty with ears on (Izzie likes them) but the best ones are the expressions when they were playing or the ears just plain fell off.

You ask where's the sewing quilting today, it's a family day.  Play with the puppies, do some baking and dinner with the family.  Back to sewing tomorrow, working on something good!

Don't eat too many peeps!

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