Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#Modern InstaBee Hive 17

Last week I shared the first block I made for April with the #ModernInstaBeeHive17 over on Instagram. I can lose hours on Pinterest, Flicker and Instagram, don't you?   I saw all the creative badges on the other groups pages and late one night created one for our group.  A little Excel, changed it to a PDF and poof new badge.  Sent it to the group via email, lots of great feedback and its been adopted.  You see I plan on donating my months quilt and will be adding it so the recipient knows it was a group effort.  I have January, cant wait. (To make a PDF into a label it just takes an ink jet printer and fabric sheets, I will use Avery Printable Fabric for Ink Jet printers) 

This group is the creation of Lindsay Conner who wrote the book Modern Bee - 13 Quilts to Make with Friends.  She is up to Hive #17, if you are looking for a Bee Group check out #ModernInstaBee2014 on Instagram and see if another is starting to fill, when it reaches 12 members they are active.  

Since then I have checked out everyone who shared that they also have a blog within the introduction email.  Like minds and all that, such a great group I feel the creativity with each post.  Shout out to Kerry at ThatsSewKerry for sharing her blog which introduced me to Lynne at Lily"s Quilts who host a Small Blog Meet.  It is a place for us quilters who write a blog to find and share what we are up to.  She ask after you add your link that you check out at least 4, yea I checked them all out.  Such talent, I am adding many them to my weekly list of blogs I read, good thing I'm retired. Have a quilt blog you want to share or just want to check some new ones out here is Lily's Quilt's Link.

If you find anything interesting please leave me a note, love to see what you think 

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  1. How creative! I love your new design, Pam. Not surprised it was quickly adopted. Just signed up to follow on Bloglovin'. Looking forward to getting to know you better!

    1. Thanks Lorna, I did the same for your blog!


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