Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Gathering

UAs you may know by now I hate table cloths unless it's on a buffet.  I prefer placemats, when you have one with a spill you don't loose the entire table covering.  I will be using my Christmas plates, ( no paper plates here) silverware and placemats.

Christmas placemats for me MUST be in real reds, green-green, snowy white and even silver or gold. When I found this fabric line from _________ I knew it was the one I wanted.  I envisioned fussy cut squares so I picked fabrics to match.  As I made the first one I took the opportunity to quilt them each differently.  Good way to try different patterns on a small scale.

I will be making a full dinner on Tuesday, turkey with all the trimmings.  Wednesday I do breakfast after presents and we are doing an afternoon dinner gathering with my family, this will allow my daughter to visit with everyone without spending her few days home in a car trying to see everyone.

For as long as I've been married we have traveled on Christmas Eve or Christmas, I am so excited to host this years Christmas and relax on Christmas Eve.


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