Saturday, December 28, 2013


More than a few months ago I was given a very large bag of fabric to do with as I like.  The owner had selected all of the needed fabrics for a pattern she wanted to do for her room.  Most of them were cut 3 1/2" wide by the length of the material, I wasn't sure what the pattern looked like but I loved the 33 different prints
Bag o fabric

Unfortunately the sewing machine she was going to use wasn't working properly, the thought of making her first quilt was no longer of interest.  She had talked about doing this quilt for months so I assumed letting go was a big decision, it would be for me. 

As soon as she left the room I told my sister I wanted to make it for her and I would complete it in time for Christmas 6 months away.  Maybe seeing it completed would encourage her to try again someday with my encouragement and help.

start of the block

I started the first 2 rows using a fence rail and then was given the pattern of what it was planned to be, an Amy Butler design.  I was able to download it free off line, looking at it I then created my own pattern starting with the fence rail and then using additional cuts creating a pie shape to each square.  I liked it and hoped the recipient would too.  It was a creation of 2 patterns, totally unique just like the lovely girl it was going to.

using the design wall to mix up the fabrics 

I made it queen size adding a pocket on the back where I included a note to the recipient.  She loved it and her fabric selections brought out the lime green of her bedroom walls.

ready to deliver

Now that Christmas has passed I can print this post ~ Merry Christmas, I hope you received something you thought was wonderful too!

in progress

surprises yet to come there is still a pillow in the works :)


  1. So very kind and thoughtful, and the best Christmas present I have ever received! Your very talented. I have had to stop friends from walking off with it. Christmas 2013 marks the beginning of its long life as a family heirloom. :)

    1. We hoped you would like to see all those fabrics again arranged into a beautiful quilt made just for you. Enjoy


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