Thursday, December 19, 2013

Metallic thread

I wanted to make a runner for my cocktail table using fabric I purchased a few months ago.  The pattern and quilting I kept simple so I could use metallic thread.  

When I purchased the silver, gold and copper metallic thread my sewing machine dealer gave me some tips to use it.  She suggested letting the thread unwind loosely placing it next to the machine without the cap and using the thread extension for large cones. 

My machine prefers the  thread on top and the bobbin be the same weight,  it took a few changes but I ended up using the embroidery filament thread. 

Prior to quilting I checked my machine to see which needle is suggested to use and played with the thread on scrap until I was happy with the results.  

I expected a lot of breakage due to the thin nature of metallic thread.  I was pleasantly surprised I only had two breaks and one was my fault catching the overage of the fabric on the thread as I turned it. 

I enjoyed making this one so much I finished it by tracing the glass from the cocktail table like a template and using a small width binding to keep the curves crisp.  I'm happy with the finished results.

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